Tangent Folding

for top hung hung timber or metal doors weighing up to 70kg

  • Doors can fold to one or both sides or can also be stacked behind a reveal if required
  • Covers any width of opening, any number of folding doors can be used
  • Three systems available for doors weighing up to 70kg
  • Floating units should consist of an even number of leaves in units of four, six or eight

A comprehensive range of three systems for residential, commercial or industrial folding partitions where weather proofing to the head and sill of the opening may be required. When the system is fitted externally a canopy is recommended (not supplied by us).

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ProductMaximum Door WeightMaximum Door HeightMaximum Door WidthDoor ThicknessDoor MaterialApplication
Tangent 29035kg2400mm900mm35 – 50mmWood/MetalExterior
Tangent 30155kg3300mm900mm45 – 55mmWood/MetalExterior
Tangent 301H70kg3600mm900mm45 – 55mmWood/MetalExterior
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