for bottom rolling wooden and metal doors weighing up to 2000kg and 8000kg

  • Suitable for single or multiple lines of track
  • For heavy weight industrial applications
  • 8 systems available across the range for a variety of wooden and metal door weights
  • Top guide channel may be soffit fixed or face fixed

Our Sterling range of bottom rolling sliding door hardware systems is ideal for a range of straight sliding commercial and industrial applications. This product is particularly suitable where the supporting structure or lintel is insufficient for the weight of the door or headroom is limited. Eight systems are available in total with the wooden door application catering for a weight of up to 2000kg and the metal door application up to 8000kg.

*Contact us for maximum door thickness on Sterling 3600 & 8000.


ProductDoor MaterialMaximum Door WeightDoor ThicknessApplication
Sterling 350Wood350kg44 – 54mmInterior/Exterior
Sterling 350Metal350kg44 – 54mmInterior/Exterior
Sterling 800Wood800kg54 – 63mmInterior/Exterior
Sterling 800Metal800kg54 – 63mmInterior/Exterior
Sterling 2000Wood2000kgContact usInterior/Exterior
Sterling 2000Metal2000kg58 – 70mmInterior/Exterior
Sterling 3600Metal3600kg152mm (min.)*Interior/Exterior
Sterling 8000Metal8000kg152mm (min.)*Interior/Exterior
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