for sliding wood and metal doors weighing up to 55kg and 90kg

  • One piece ball cage design
  • Ideal for residential and light commercial applications
  • Extra fixing needed when hanging metal doors
  • 2 guides supplied with the J6
  • Fire door kits available: FDK1 – self closing and FDK2 – non self closing (for S3,4,5,6 kits only, see optional extras)

When it comes to residential or commercial sliding doors and partitions, Marathon sliding door hardware is in a class of its own. Designed for timber, timber framed and composite doors, it offers a unique simultaneous opening action, easily adjusted door heights and a Fire Door Kit option for the Marathon 90 (see optional extras).

View the installation video at the bottom of the page.


ProductOrder CodeMax. Door WeightNo. of DoorsTrack lengthOpening WidthDoor MaterialApplication
MaraMarathon 55thon 55J255kg11219mm400mm – 750mmWood/metalInterior
Marathon 55J355kg11473mm750mm – 900mmWood/metalInterior
Marathon 55J455kg11702mm900mm – 1050mmWood/metalInterior
Marathon 55J555kg11981mm1050mm – 1200mmWood/metalInterior
Marathon 55J655kg12438mm1200mm – 1500mmWood/metalInterior
Marathon 90S290kg11219mm400mm – 750mmWood/metalInterior
Marathon 90S390kg11473mm750mm – 900mmWood/metalInterior
Marathon 90S490kg11702mm900mm – 1050mmWood/metalInterior
Marathon 90S590kg11981mm1050mm – 1200mmWood/metalInterior
Marathon 90S690kg12438mm1200mm – 1500mmWood/metalInterior
Marathon 90S790kg13048mm1500mm – 1800mmWood/metalInterior
Marathon 90S890kg13226mm1800mm – 2000mmWood/metalInterior
Marathon 90S990kg14420mm2000mm – 2500mmWood/metalInterior
Marathon DatasheetDownload
Marathon 55 Fitting InstructionsDownload
Marathon 90 Fitting InstructionsDownload
Marathon Self Closing Door Kit Fitting InstructionsDownload
Marathon Simultaneous Action Kit Fitting InstructionsDownload