self closing system for metal or timber sliding doors weighing up to 80kg

  • Designed to give a smooth and quiet operation
  • Hydraulic soft stop brings the door to a gentle close
  • Ideal for disabled access
  • Door brake to reduce opening speed and prevent damage to the door and system
  • Optional hold open unit for time delay before closing

The Sirocco system is a quiet, user friendly self closing system which brings the door leaf gently to a close. The integrated hydraulic soft stop brings the door to a safe and cushioned close making it ideal for disabled access systems or public areas. The internal door brake can also be adjusted to allow the user to dictate the speed of opening preventing damage to the door and system.

The system has been designed to give a quiet and smooth operation and features an adjustable closing speed feature offering all the benefits of an automatic door without the need for a power source. Common applications for this system includes hospitals and disabled access points, the optional hold open unit allows you to adjust the time before the soft close engages meaning you can hold the door open for as long as required.


Product CodeDescriptionMax. Door WeightDoor ThicknessDoor Width RangeDoor MaterialApplication
SIRRHSirocco Right Hand Opening Kit80kg30 – 46mm800 – 1200mmWood/MetalInterior
SIRLHSirocco Left Hand Opening Kit80kg30 – 46mm800 – 1200mmWood/MetalInterior
DELRHOptional Delayed Timer Right Hand80kg30 – 46mm800 – 1200mmWood/MetalInterior
DELLHOptional Delayed Timer Left Hand80kg30 – 46mm800 – 1200mmWood/MetalInterior
SIRFASOptional Fascia80kg30 – 46mm800 – 1200mmWood/MetalInterior
Sirocco DatasheetDownload
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