Sliding doors provide almost completely uninterrupted views and ideal for large openings where you want to enjoy the natural views. On the other hand, Bi-fold doors can open up an entire opening, helping connect the inside of your home seamlessly with your outdoor space and create a more open-plan home.

However, there is something you need to know first befor choosing the better looking one. Bi-Fold doors require space to stack inside or outside the home, and a high number of frames can obstruct the view, and unlike a bi-folding door, slide doors don’t usually provide a 100% opening as the doors must slide back against each other, so one pane is always visible.

Based on the better outdoor view, of course bi-folding doors have a better outdoor view, which can open up more space for your room. Even sliding doors also great with open space, it can usually only open to the left or right – about 65 per cent.