Universal Telescopic

for sliding timber doors up to 80kg (Husky) and 120kg (Soltaire)

  • Can be used with Husky or Soltaire 120 for two, three or four door applications
  • All doors connected to a universal telescopic system will traverse simultaneously
  • Two and three door system allows leaves to be concealed in one wall on the same side maximising the opening & reducing the wall space required
  • Door leaves are linked together via a toothed belt and pulley
  • System is non handed, the follower door is anchored via a datum block.

Universal Telescopic sliding door hardware is ideal for use with the Husky 100 and Soltaire 120 systems for top hung timber doors weighing up to 120kg. Telescopic systems allow all the doors to be linked together using a toothed belt and pulley system so they move in a simultaneous action. The system also incorporates the coveted ghost guide which keeps the area clean and free from trip hazards.  In addition to this, the door panels can be neatly stacked into the wall cavity to allow for flexible open plan living.


Product CodeNumber of DoorsMaximum Door Weight (Husky/Soltaire)Minimum Door WidthMaximum Door WidthDoor Thickness (Husky/Soltaire)
UTEL4 480kg/120kg500mm1200mm32-47mm/35-47mm
Universal Telescopic DatasheetDownload
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