Straight Sliding 290, 301, 301H, 305 and 307

for straight sliding wooden and metal doors weighing between 150kg and 2000kg

  • Nine systems available to cater for a variety of different door weights (see table)
  • Widely used in lighter commercial applications up to very heavy and large industrial applications
  • Can cover any width of opening, any number of doors can be used on single or multiple lines of track
  • Designed to accommodate for different building designs, doors can slide to one or both sides
  • Wicket door for easy access may be incorporated into a sliding door

Our Straight Sliding system range for wooden and metal doors is a wide range of top hung system for easy movement of anything from light commercial doors up to very heavy and large industrial application. To accommodate for different building designs, doors can slide to one or both slides and are also suitable to cover any width of opening.

*For optimum operation the door width should not exceed 3/4 of the door height


ProductMaximum Door Weight (nylon/steel hanger)Door ThicknessDoor MaterialApplication
Straight Sliding 290150kg/200kg35-48mmWood/MetalInterior/Exterior
Straight Sliding 301400kg/300kg43 – 57mmWood/MetalInterior/Exterior
Straight Sliding 301H450kg/360kg43 – 57mmWood/MetalInterior/Exterior
Straight Sliding 305700kg43 – 57mmWood/MetalInterior/Exterior
Straight Sliding 3072000kg60-70mmWood/MetalInterior/Exterior
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