Soltaire Sliding Door

top hung straight sliding door system for doors weighing up to 120kg, 180kg and 250kg

  • Available in kit pack format or can be specified for bespoke projects
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Made from 316 stainless steel, ideal for areas requiring a high level of corrosion resistance
  • Low friction enables a smooth fingertip operation
  • Single and double soft stop available for Soltaire 120 (see accessories and spares)

Soltaire is a top hung straight sliding door hardware system designed to accommodate interior and exterior doors of one sliding panel or two bi-parting doors on a single track. Designed for door weights up to 120kg, 180kg or 250kg the reliable system is extremely durable and ideal for coastal applications, heavy use areas or areas that require a high level of corrosion resistance.

The system is now available in four kit packs formats or can also be specified as individual components to suit your project requirements.

*Kit pack products are for wooden doors only


ProductShort CodeApplicationsMaximum Door WeightDoor Thickness RangeDoor Material
Soltaire 120S120/20ANIInterior120kg19 – 48mmWood/Metal*
Soltaire 120S120/20ANExterior120kg19 – 48mmWood/Metal*
Soltaire 180S180/30ANInterior/Exterior180kg19 – 48mmWood/Metal*
Soltaire 250S250/30ANInterior/Exterior250kg19 – 48mmWood/Metal*
Soltaire 120, 180, 250 Datasheet – Kit PackDownload
Soltaire 120 Interior Fitting Instructions – Kit PackDownload
Soltaire 120 Exterior Fitting Instructions – Kit PackDownload
Soltaire 180 and 250 Fitting Instructions – Kit PackDownload
Soltaire 120 Datasheet – SpecifiedDownload
Soltaire 120 Fitting Instructions – SpecifiedDownload
Soltaire 180 Datasheet – SpecifiedDownload
Soltaire 180 Fitting Instructions – SpecifiedDownload
Soltaire 250 Datasheet – SpecifiedDownload
Soltaire 250 Fitting Instructions – SpecifiedDownload
Soltaire Low Headroom Fitting InstructionsDownload
Soltaire Low Headroom DatasheetDownload