SN-830 ORBITA Locker lock

Cabinet Locker Features
1.Stand alone no card encoder and software involved or optional software control function
2.Program all keys on the lock directly
3. Master keys to unlock all locks
4. External power pack to supply power when the batteries are dead
5.Cabinet door will open automatically after reading valid key

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NameRFID Electronic cabinet door lock
MaterialZinc Alloy
Battery6V / 4AA Alkaline
CylinderStandard single latch
Low Voltage Alarm<4.8V, still can open about 100 times
Card Chip Type125khz or 13.56MHZ M1 Chip
Card TypeKey Tag,Wristband PVC or Silicone
ApplicationWater park, gym, spa, school, hotel, home, hospital
Different Work Mode1.Standard Mode: ID or M1ID Chip Card Program guest keys on lock directly in advance. After unlocking, it will lock itself (latch gets out) automatically. 2.Customized Mode:Software Mode( M1 Chip Card) Use Orbita lock software and encoder to program cabinet,issue guest keys to unlock.

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