Shutter Slide – Coming Soon!

Straight sliding hardware for the movement of manual and automatic louvre panels

  • Single, simultaneous or telescopic variants
  • Caters for wooden and metal louvre panels
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel – highly robust and corrosion resistant
  • Smooth, quiet and discreet

Shutter Slide is a high performing straight sliding louvre system, suitable for residential and commercial applications. The highly flexible system can cater for wooden and metal external louvre panels weighing up to 120kg.

Offering a variety of inspiring and functional design possibilities, the system is available as single panel, simultaneous actions panel or telescopic panel variants. All systems are available in either manual or automatic operation.

Manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel, hard wearing polymers and anodised aluminium, the system is extremely robust, highly corrosion resistance and developed to ensure a long lifespan.

Wind load testing should be carried out based on a projects individual requirements. P C Henderson can utilise in-house 3D CAD software to provide an indicative wind load calculation.

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ConfigurationType of SystemMin. Panel WidthMax. Panel HeightPanel Thickness RangeMax. System WidthMax. Panel Weight (Manual)Max. Panel Weight (Automatic)
Single PanelManual/Automatic400mm3000mm35 – 50mm6000mm120kg120kg
Simultaneous ActionManual/Automatic400mm3000mm35 – 50mm6000mm120kg60kg
Telescopic (2 panels)Manual/Automatic400mm3000mm35 – 47mm6000mm120kg80kg
Telescopic (3 panels)Manual/Automatic400mm3000mm35 – 47mm6000mm120kg60kg