for bottom rolling straight sliding doors weighing up to 270kg

  • For use with wooden doors
  • Suitable for sliding partitions, glazed, flush or paneled doors.
  • For use when the lintel is not capable of taking the weight of the door
  • Can be used when there is insufficient headroom for top hung gear
  • To cover any width of opening, any number of doors can be used on a single or double track.

Majestic is a durable system perfectly suited for heavy high class joinery installations weighing up to 270kg.  Majestic features a concealed bottom roller enabling the weight of the door to be transferred to the floor. This type of system is ideal for when the ceiling or lintel isn’t strong enough to support the weight of the door.  Please note at least 175mm depth at the bottom of the door must be available  to accommodate the concealed bottom rollers when choosing this system.


Maximum Door WeightDoor ThicknessDoor MaterialApplication
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