Husky Sliding 50 & 100

Sliding door hardware for wooden doors up to 50kg and 100kg

  • For medium weight timber, timber framed or composite doors
  • Quiet operation – galvanised steel or aluminium track with nylon rollers
  • Soft stop kit available in single or double kit options (see optional extras)
  • Extra fittings kit required for more than one door (see optional extras)

Versatile and silent, the Husky sliding door hardware system is ideal for creating wardrobe doors and room dividers with one or more timber, timber framed, composite or metal doors at each side. The Husky 50 supports doors of up to 50kg, whilst the Husky 100 supports slightly heavier doors up to 100kg. Optional fitting kits allow additional doors to be fitted to a maximum door width of 1250mm. Kits contain galvanised steel or aluminium tracks, nylon rollers and precision floor guides  to complete this high quality,  low maintenance, sliding system.

View the installation video at the bottom of the page.



Product Order Code (A = Aluminium Track)Max. Door WeightNo of DoorsTrack LengthMax. Door WidthDoor Thickness RangeDoor MaterialApplication
Husky 50H50/15 or 15A50kg11500mm800mm20 – 50mmWoodInterior
Husky 50H50/18 or 18A50kg11800mm950mm20 – 50mmWoodInterior
Husky 50H50/20 or 20A50kg12000mm1050mm20 – 50mmWoodInterior
Husky 50H50/24 or 24A50kg12400mm1250mm20 – 50mmWoodInterior
Husky 100H100/15 or 15A100kg11500mm800mm20 – 50mmWoodInterior
Husky 100H100/18 or 18A100kg11800mm950mm20 – 50mmWoodInterior
Husky 100H100/20 or 20A100kg12000mm1050mm20 – 50mmWoodInterior
Husky 100H100/24 or 24A100kg12400mm1250mm20 – 50mmWoodInterior
Husky 50 DatasheetDownload
Husky 50 Fitting InstructionsDownload
Husky 50 End Cap Fitting InstructionsDownload
Husky 100 DatasheetDownload
Husky 100 Fitting InstructionsDownload
110mm Flush Bolt Fitting InstructionsDownload