Flexirol Multidirectional Glass

For glass doors weighing up to 500kg requiring a 90 or 135 degree movement

Flexirol Multidirectional Glass is designed for glass panels in residential and commercial environments requiring a 90 and 135 degree flexible movement options. Ideal for shop fronts or internal room partitions, this system also offers the benefits of a stacking formation, which allows the doors to be stacked neatly to one or both sides of the opening.



ProductMax Door HeightMax Door WidthMax Swing Door ThicknessGlass ThicknessMax Door Weight (1 Hanger per Door)Max Door Weight (2 Hangers per Door)
Flexirol Multidirectional Glass 904000mm1000mm (per 100kg of glass)1200mm10-12mm50kg100kg
Flexirol Multidirectional Glass 1354000mm1000mm (per 100kg of glass)1200mm10-12mm250kg500kg