Council Endfold

for end folding, wooden partition doors

  • Quality top hung system for end folding, wooden partition doors
  • Four systems are available up to a maximum door weight of 80kg
  • Suitable for residential or commercial partitions
  • Doors can fold to one or both sides

Council Endfold partition is a quality range of top hung folding partition systems for wooden doors weighing up to 80kg. Ideally suited for residential and commercial partitions, Council Endfold can cover any width of opening with any number of folding doors.

Folding units of up to eight leaves can be hinged to post and floating units must consist of four, six or eight door leaves with a minimum clearance of 2mm between each one . Any access doors used with the systems should be a swing door or a wicket door housed within one of the door leaves.

Use our EXPERT service to calculate the recommended width of each door, alternatively please see the below fittinginstructions for more information. Door leaves should be constructed to provide secure fixing for the hanger, hinges and guides, and can either be flush, panelled or glazed.



ProductMax Door WeightDoor Thickness RangeMax Door WidthMax Door HeightDoor MaterialApplication
Council Endfold 29035kg35 – 44mm900mm2700mmWoodInterior
Council Endfold 30155kg44 – 57mm900mm3300mmWoodInterior
Council Endfold 301H 70kg44 – 57mm900mm3600mmWoodInterior
Council Endfold 30580kg44 – 57mm900mm4500mmWoodInterior
Council Endfold 290 DatasheetDownload
Council Endfold 290 Pivot DatasheetDownload
Council Endfold 301 Pivot DatasheetDownload
Council Endfold 301 DatasheetDownload
Council Endfold 305 DatasheetDownload
Council Endfold 290 Joinery InstructionsDownload
Council Endfold 301 and 305 Joinery InstructionsDownload