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Which one better? Is it Slide or Hinged Doors?

Many people are confused when they are given an option between a slide or hinged doors. To be honest, both have a balance function and give a different model and touch to your home. Both work fantastic as well.

The sliding door allows half of the space to open, works well in numerous room types, and more stable, as they aren’t reliant on hinges to hold up the doors. but it can’t have a full view of the contents at one time, however, due to how easily the doors slide, this barely causes any issues.

A hinged door can open all of the ways, allowing for easier flow in and out, but takes up more space for the door to open as it swings. The classic looking option works best in a larger room and can be more functional on the back of the door to hand a full-length mirror on or for extra storage space.

How to Immersed with Nature: Choose Transparent Sliding Doors

The calm and peaceful milieu is set when you aspiringly turn your houses inside just like the natural outside.

Transparent sliding doors are a perfect example of interiors, as an opportunity to immerse with nature. Brings more space and a better-looking view, infused in the delicate elements of the natural surrounding. 

Embrace a new style of living, where the minimalist sliding door meets unrefined nature, and you can appreciate more a great life with your loved ones.

7 Reasons to Choose Sliding Doors

Sliding door rises as a trend because of its convenience value and more practical than the usual door. It gives more space and is designed to fit all type of home or family. Not only does it look great, but there are way more reason for you to install sliding doors as home. 

Rustic Sliding Door

A design that supports your warm and aged elements in the interior. 

Just like a secret garden door, a rustic-style door uses natural and raw materials, so it reminds us of the calming effect of nature. 

Rustic-style sliding doors add some modern touch to a vintage tone, that brings nature inside your home. A perfect style for your nature-western style interior.


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